Que les portes du paradis te soient grandes ouvertes! Une grande perte


Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017
Ursula from Poland

Ueli, thank you for showing us that anything is possible if you follow your heart. Your love and respect for the mountains were great. You will be missed. Condolences to your family and friends. Rest in peace.

Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017
Tanja Schulte

Ein ganz Großer hat die Bühne des Lebens leider viel zu früh verlassen. R.I.P.

Viel Kraft an Nicole und alle Angehörigen.

Sonntag, 14. Mai 2017

Descansa. Eres de lo más grande. 

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Ueli, du bisch einzigartig. Dini Liebe wüsse wär u wie du gsi bisch. I wünsche ihne, dass du immer bi ihne bisch und si die herte Meinige, vo Lüt wo de Ueli nid erkennt hei, chöi ignoriere.

läb wohl

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Navigare necesse est, vivere not est necesse....

Your life was wonderful, full of passion nad You managed to fulfill Your dreams.  

Rest in peace.                  

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017


من به زبان فارسی خودم تسلیتم رو به شما خانواده محترم استاد اولی اشتک عرض میکنم

خداوند رحمتش کند?

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Miar, d Schwiiz hät mit am Uali a Lägända verlora!

❤️ Lichs Bailaid da Agköhriga,sinara Frau und Familia.


Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

I was fascinated by Ueli`s unbelievable achievements and the modest, rational way in which he commented on  his almost superhuman performances to a degree at which I seriously considered that they might be computer-animated and I am not exaggherating. However, watching them multiple times I started believing in their authenticity again.

Ueli, your death struck me although I did not know you but it does not change the fact that to me you are the most energetic, inspiring mountain hero the world has seen.

Considering that the clouds occassionally look like snow-covered mountains I find it consoling to imagine Ueli ascenending and descending them with ice-picks, paraglides and skis,

my deepest condolences to those, who are the the real suffering of this tragedy, Ueli`s wife and family,




Samstag, 13. Mai 2017
Paulo Vilaverde

Descansa em paz. Continua a voar nas montanhas, livre.

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Üli was known as a great mountaineer and so he will stay. He has opened many routes and has communicated his passion for mountain.

May he rest in peace in his beloved mountain, and I would like to express my sincere condolences to all his family and close friends.

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Vom Leben ins Licht

eigentlich braucht es Menschen wie Dich !

Kaum je hat mich der Tod einer öffentlichen Person mehr bewegt. Ich glaube das spricht für

Ueli Steck als Mensch und Alpinist. Er wird unvergesslich bleiben.


mein herzliches Beileid seiner Frau Nicole und all seinen Nächsten


Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

La verità è che non è mai il momento giusto. Non lo è adesso e non lo sarebbe nemmeno fra quarant'anni.

Non siamo mai pronti a lasciare questa vita e mai vorremmo che i nostri amati ci lasciassero.

Ueli ha speso la sua vita a fare quello che voleva fare e ad essere ciò che voleva essere, con l'entusiasmo unico e speciale di cui solo lui era capace. 

Questo è ciò che alla fine conta!

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017
Katka Sova

They say that life once lived in fear is just a half-life. This man definitely lived his life at full which is something many of us can just be envious about. For me, an extremely fearful person, he definitely belongs to people I look up to and who inspires me to go on every day. I do believe it isn´t important how long we live but how we live and how many people we inspire. Anytime anybody says Ueli´s name, there is only one possible reaction: "What a man!" I send you big hugs, my deepest condolences and believe that Ueli, as well as all good people, is still with us and that one day you his loved ones reunite with him again. 

Katka Sova, Czech Republic

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

Gracias por hacernos soñar en las montañas.

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017

The walls have been drawn up into the sky
Hold your head high again, will not be able
Endless, distant, close to the Sun.
Climb now, rise now
Put Your Hands Up Tiger rock to rock
A season pass now
Fall and winter in the Look
The commander and his followers will be waiting for you
Brightness is to give yourself
On top of that you get to leave again
Now the stars are bright
A field full of white roses.
Commander Pending
I look behind me for the last time
Hard I forget my good friend
Can not say
Tears Fucking
Goodbye brother

I'm a climber living in Iran Mehdi.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences.

The first Steck (Ueli Steck) was myth and legend will remain for us



Samstag, 13. Mai 2017



Samstag, 13. Mai 2017
Francoise Battin

I love mountains and have read many accounts of mountaineering feats. I was astounded by Ueli Steck 's achievements. His speed was breathtaking. It was him and the mountains alone. A remarkably focused and dedicated athlete going to the extremes of human possibilities. He was so exciting to watch on film. He will be much missed. May he rest in peace in his beloved mountains.

Samstag, 13. Mai 2017
Alexandra Ziegler

Ich wünsche Ihrer Familie viel Kraft und Liebe.

Freitag, 12. Mai 2017
Patrick Lehmann

Hat mich begeistert und motiviert! Vielen Dank und viel Kraft an die Hinterbliebenen. 

Freitag, 12. Mai 2017
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