A year has passed.

Saturday, 28 April 2018 11:44
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Letter to the friends of Ueli Steck

A year has passed.

Dear friends of Ueli,

A year ago today, Ueli didn’t return from one of his acclimating tours in his beloved Himalayan mountains.

It’s been difficult for us all to accept that he has passed away. We miss him dearly and he stays in our thoughts.

At the same time, we’re grateful for how many people Ueli inspired in his life, and that he lives on in this way.

We thank you for your support, for your understanding, and for all the help we received since he has left us. We’re thankful for all the love and care we were given in this hard time of saying goodbye and letting go.

We will all remember Ueli with gratefulness and joy.

Familie Steck  
Ringgenberg, 30. April 2018      

Hinweis an Medienschaffende
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Andreas Bantel
Sprecher der Familie Steck
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Wednesday, 17 May 2017 07:57
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Media information by the family Steck

Commemoration for friends and acquaintances of Ueli Steck

Interlaken, May 17, 2017 - The family of Ueli Steck thanks the friends, acquaintances, professional colleagues, business partners, fans and other interested circles for their overwhelming participation in the death of their beloved son, husband, brother, uncle, and brother in law. The family considers this participation to be a great honor for Ueli, which the latter unfortunately can no longer experience personally. As a sign of gratitude, the family invites the public and the media to a public commemoration ceremony in the Congress Center Kursaal Interlaken on 23 May 2017 from 4 pm.

Note for the media:

Numerous media representatives have asked the Steck family for interviews and public statements in recent weeks. The family sees these offers as an honor and thanks for the expressed interest in Ueli. At the same time, the family asks for understanding that they will make no public statements until further notice. In order to preserve the solemn framework of memorial service, the family asks the participants and the media to refrain from taking pictures and videos during the memorial service.

Representatives of the media are asked to kindly register under the following link:

Instead of donating flowers, the family kindly asks to take into account Alpine Rescue Switzerland:

Clearing 230
IBAN CH10 0023 0230 4656 8501 F
Alpine Rescue Switzerland, Rega-Center, 8058 Zurich Airport, Switzerland
Remark: Ueli Steck

Media Release

Thursday, 04 May 2017 14:17
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Ueli Steck buried by his family FR EN DE
Zurich / Katmandu, May 4, 2017 - Ueli Steck's family took farewell of Ueli in the monastery of Tengboche near Katmandu (Nepal) on Thursday morning (local time) as part of a solemn ceremony. According to the Nepali tradition, the deceased was cremated in an impressive ceremony which lasted around three hours.
Ueli Steck's wife Nicole and the parents of Ueli and Nicole took part in the mourning celebration. It was the wish of the family to hold this abdication in the closest familial circle. The family described the ceremonial as solemn and impressive, sad and at the same time liberating. They will keep the three-hour abdication gratefully in their mind. The family gave their sincere thanks to the monks of Tengboche monastery for the hospitality and the most dignified way of saying goodbye to Ueli.
As a sign of memory to Ueli, the family will take a part of the ashes to Switzerland.   The family also intends to hold a farewell party in Switzerland for the friends, acquaintances and professional colleagues of Ueli as well as for the public. Place and date of this celebration are currently open. The family will inform about the details of this celebration in due course.  

Kloster Tengboche2

Further background of the accident of Ueli Steck
On April 29, 2017, Ueli Steck ascended from the Everest base camp to camp 2 on about 6400 meters above sea level. His original plan was to climb the next day for further acclimatization on the Everest traditional route to the almost 8000 meters high south col, in order to return to camp 2 on the same day.
From camp 2, Ueli noted that the conditions in the Nuptse wall were ideal, which is why he decided in the evening to change his plan and to climb up to Nuptse the following day.
On April 30, 2017, Ueli started at 4:30 am. Together with the Frenchman Yannick Graziani, he crossed the gaping glacier. Afterwards, Graziani continued on the Everest normal route towards Camp 3, while Ueli entered into the Lhotse flank. Uelis accident occurred on around 7600 meters at about 09.00 (local time). His body was finally recovered by the Italian helicopter pilot Maurizio Folini at a height of about 6600 meters and transferred to the hospital of Katmandu.
The cause of the accident is still unknown.
Note to editors:
The family has set up a condolence book for the friends and acquaintances of Ueli: http://www.uelisteck.ch/en/rip
For further information:
Andreas Bantel Spokesman of Ueli Steck Bantel & Partner AG Othmarstrasse 8 CH-8008 Zurich andreas.bantel@bantel.ch
office   +41 44 389 17 05
mobile +41 79 231 56 62
fax       +41 44 575 31 97


Information to the media

Sunday, 30 April 2017 11:50
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April 30, 2017

Information to the media

Ueli Steck deadly injured

Ueli Steck was killed while trying to climb Mount Everest and the Lhotse. His family has learned of his death today. The exact circumstances are currently unknown. The family is infinitely sad and asks the media builders to refrain from speculation about the circumstances of his death due to respect for Ueli.

As soon as there are reliable findings on the causes of Uelis Steck's death, the media will be informed. The family asks the media for understanding that they will not provide any further information at the time.

For further inquiries:
Andreas Bantel
Sprecher von Ueli Steck
Bantel & Partner AG
Othmarstrasse 8
CH-8008 Zürich

office   +41 44 389 17 05
mobile   +41 79 231 56 62
fax      +41 44 575 31 97

Just spend two Nights in Camp two. Beautiful Weather and warm. I was taking the chance to go and have a look towards the Westshoulder. Conditions are great so far. But you never know it can change until in one month! So far we having a good time! Hopefully Tenjing Sherpa frostbite getting better soon so we canbe together on the mountain again. Right now it looks we have to save again camp two again. Expeditionweather forecast again very strong Winds for the next days. Afrer we keep going getting climatized, i stick to the roule to move on the mountain and not spending too many nights in camps. Like this we stay in shape and get used to the altitude!

joy is the essence to the success

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Everest - Lhotse project

Wednesday, 12 April 2017 10:49
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Ueli Steck's Everest-Lhotse project

Everest Lhotse

Monday, 03 April 2017 11:14
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Everest - Lhotse

Project 2017


Mountaineering is a transient experience. I need to continuously repeat it to live it.

Skyline Ridge

Tuesday, 08 November 2016 10:28
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Eiger, Mönch & Jungfrau

Der nächste Schritt das neue Buch ist da!

Monday, 24 October 2016 10:08
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Zwischen lebenshungrig und lebensmüde liegt nur ein schmaler Grat – das hat Ueli Steck im Laufe seiner Bergsteigerkarriere häufig genug erlebt. Anschaulich schildert er in diesem Buch Erfolge, Rückschläge und Einsichten der letzten Jahre.


Jetzt bestellen

Put yourself in Ueli Steck shoes!

Thursday, 01 September 2016 01:53
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"The stunning Skyline Ridge from Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau is basically what I see every day from Interlaken. It was on my tick list for quite a moment. Inspired from the 1962 Ascent of the two Mountain Guides Alfred Gertsch and Alfred Roth which climbed the Eiger Mönch and Jungfrau starting at the Mittellegihut, I just want to climb the whole ridge, valley to valley. "

  • The Stunning Skyline Ridge from Eiger Mönch & Jungfrau..
  • A great run on the Mont-Blanc Inominata Ridge...
  • And the OCC® in Chamonix to finish a great summer in the Alps!